Under-Ocean Military Bases – Lower Level Secret Space Programs | There Is More Than Just One Area 51 – See for Yourself

The existence of secret underground facilities for undisclosed militaristic purposes has long been discussed within fields of alternative research. In 2013, the CIA admitted that Area 51 does, in fact, exist, despite decades of official government denial, clearly suggesting that there is a great deal happening in secret.

The truth is, there is a vast amount of highly advanced technology on Earth and beyond, constructed by an ultra-secretive clandestine organization that has been termed by some, the secret space program.

According to several insiders turned whistleblowers, most notably Corey Goode, the development of these programs began, in earnest, after Operation Paperclip brought over thousands of high-level Nazi scientists into the military industrial apparatus of the United States. Prior to this development, the Germans were already exploring the solar system using anti-gravity technology reverse engineered from ancient vimanas in the 1920’s and 30’s.
Later developments of the programs, after the 1960’s, would see a split between ultra-top secret or off world activity, and operations close to Earth. Solar Warden, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, and the Global Galactic League of Nations are factions of the secret space program primarily functioning in the solar system and beyond, whereas the Military faction and Special Access Umbrella factions operate in low Earth orbit and on the ground.
According to Goode, the lower level programs are highly compartmentalized, wherein personnel are told that there are no extraterrestrials, or high-level operations in the solar system, that all objects tracked in the sky are, in fact, top secret military craft. These programs use weapons platforms and tracking stations in low Earth orbit as well as military bases like what is discussed in the following article…




Author: spacentime

A believer learned from the second olive tree, the overcomer. Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics Interests: Network Science, Mathematics, Econophysics, Data Science

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