Declassified KGB Nazi Maps Confirm the Existence of Subterranean Breakaway Civilizations in Antartica

When a group within a society or culture advances in production and social structure well enough to maintain itself independent of the parent society, it has the potential of becoming a breakaway civilization.

According to several whistleblowers, most notably, Corey Goode, in the first half of the 20th century, occult groups within Nazi Germany began developing highly advanced technology through contacts made with several different groups. One was through the Vril society and their mediums who were able to make psychic contact with an Inner Earth group known as the Agartha Network. This Inner Earth group is itself a breakaway civilization claiming to have existed for 20 million years below the surface, witnessing oceans of time wash over the surface.


Author: spacentime

A believer learned from the second olive tree, the overcomer. Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics Interests: Network Science, Mathematics, Econophysics, Data Science

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